Seamless and Secure: Your Ultimate Digital Wallet Solution

A wallet is the digital equivalent of a real wallet, with the exception that money is digital and it functions as an app on a smartphone. Similar to regular wallets, e-wallets will need funds to function and perform transactions. This can be done by filling up the wallet with cash via credit cards, debit cards, and online bank transfers.

Digital wallets can be used to pay for services or goods at participating merchant or to transfer money to other wallet users.

Astra Wallets APP is an e-commerce platform, it allows online transactions such as buying and billing payments with all services.

Advantages of digital wallets

Digital wallets streamline and expedite the checkout process, as customers aren't required to fill out lengthy checkout pages or forms. Faster checkouts discourage customers from abandoning their shopping carts, which in turn increases the conversion rates for businesses.

Digital wallet providers, including Apple Pay and Google Wallet, use tokenization, which masks credit card details and is transaction-specific to prevent hackers from gaining access to consumers' data. Digital wallets also employ biometrics, including fingerprint and facial recognition technology, which prevents the account information from being stolen. For example, if a person drops a physical card or a wallet, their personal information can be easily stolen; whereas digital wallets add layers of security through features such as Face ID or two-factor authentication, which makes it more difficult for anyone to access the stolen information.

Contactless payments enable consumers to make payments without having to carry a card or search for one inside their physical wallets. Users can simply use Touch or Face ID on their phones to confirm payment during the checkout process.

Digital wallets help extract real-time data for valuable insights into a customer's shopping habits, including their shopping history and preferences. This helps businesses create targeted marketing campaigns as well as helps with inventory management and budget creation.

With digital wallets, consumers are often rewarded with special promotions and offers, such as cashback, coupons, and loyalty programs from their favorite brands and retailers.

Many people who are used to using cash and credit cards find it difficult to adopt contactless payment methods. Some might even believe that carrying physical money is safer or that paying cash might help them control their spending habits.

A digital wallet works on accessible devices only. This means that if a person misplaces their device or the device's battery dies, they won't have access to their digital wallet for payments